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How to Download Research Papers and Articles for Free IEEE ACM

How to Download Research Papers and scientific research Articles for Free IEEE google Scholar research gate paper and ACM ans much more  Here is a way for you to get research paper free of cost just by posting the link of you research paper on the following  and people will send you the paper. Hope it will benefit to you people..

How to download research papers, if you do not have access to IEEE or other database
or research papers/books you can download it by yourself
If you want to download research papers please follow my steps as described below
1 First Go to freestuffy.in
2 Second Step Click on Research paper Section(left side of website)
3 third Step Go to Scientific Journal Library
4 Fourth Step ”please put DOI no of your article is “10.1016/j.simpat.2015.03.003
5 Fifth Step there is a link present in screen Click on it

read this below if you want to download papers and books
Most important problem that you have the links of papers/books now if you cannot access them. So
what to do
(i) Ask your friends in foreign universities to send you paper copies
(ii) Join these three or more facebook groups and post there the paper/books links, people will send you
papers immediately
(d) https://www.facebook.com/groups/682874568401180/
Or using this website by Russians: www.sci-hub.org

Or Use it http://gen.lib.rus.ec/

Or use website by Iranians : http://iranpaper.ir/

Or sci-hub.org website and past the URL of the paper u want to download.

Their new website is http://sci-hub.io/

Watch this Youtube video to download paper from Libgen (Library Genesis)

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