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Pakistan Forms Task Force to Develop Legal Framework for Road Trade Agreement with Azerbaijan


The Federal Minister for Communications, Maulana Asad Mahmood, has announced the formation of a task force aimed at establishing a legal framework for a road trade agreement with Azerbaijan. This decision came after a meeting between the minister and a delegation from Azerbaijan, led by Minister for Digital Development and Transport, Rashad Nabiyev, to discuss the agreement and work towards its realization.

Minister Mahmood commended the Azerbaijani delegation for their visit to Pakistan and their efforts in strengthening bilateral ties through meetings with various ministries and officials. Highlighting the shared trade and commerce agenda between Azerbaijan and Pakistan, he emphasized the potential for enhancing business, trade, public, and cultural relations by establishing land links and utilizing national highways.

In response, Minister Nabiyev informed Minister Mahmood about Azerbaijan's recent infrastructure developments, including the construction of highways that connect to Bandar Abbas, Iran, facilitating trade promotion and public transportation. In light of this, Minister Mahmood expressed Pakistan's eagerness to expand land connectivity with Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Eastern Europe, with the aim of boosting regional economies and improving living standards.

During the meeting, it was decided to form a task force responsible for developing the legal framework required for the road trade agreement. Captain (Retd) Muhammad Khurram Agha, the Federal Secretary Communications & NHA Chairman, will serve as the focal person on behalf of Pakistan.

Minister Mahmood highlighted that the road trade agreement would elevate bilateral ties to new heights, emphasizing the government's efforts to extend land routes to neighboring countries, particularly through the development of vital national highways in Balochistan.

Minister Nabiyev underscored the importance of coordination between the two countries in terms of roads and transport, emphasizing that it serves as a catalyst for economic development throughout the region. Azerbaijan's significant investments in road infrastructure, railways, and airports in newly developed areas present an opportunity for Pakistan to utilize Azerbaijan as a transit route to the West.

The establishment of the task force marks a significant step toward fostering stronger trade relations between Pakistan and Azerbaijan, with a particular focus on road connectivity. As both countries work towards the development of a legal framework for the road trade agreement, it is expected to open up new avenues for economic growth and cooperation in the region.

Pakistan Forms Task Force to Develop Legal Framework for Road Trade Agreement with Azerbaijan

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