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Pakistan Pavilion Takes Center Stage at Web Summit 2024 in Doha!

Ambassador of Pakistan in Qatar Muhemmed Aejaz and Chairman Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) Muhammad Zohaib Khan inaugurated the Pakistan Pavilion at the Web Summit 2024 in Doha, Qatar, on Wednesday. Khan informed that 1,043 startups from 81 countries are participating in the event.

In a groundbreaking ceremony, the Ambassador of Pakistan in Qatar, Muhemmed Aejaz, and the Chairman of Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA), Muhammad Zohaib Khan, joined forces to inaugurate the much-anticipated Pakistan Pavilion at Web Summit 2024 in Doha, Qatar. This thrilling event unfolded on Wednesday and marked the beginning of an extraordinary showcase of Pakistani innovation and technological prowess.

Excitement was palpable as Khan revealed that a staggering 1,043 startups from 81 countries have descended upon the Web Summit 2024. The Pavilion promises to be a melting pot of global ideas, with over 100 delegates from Pakistan ready to engage in this dynamic and influential gathering. The Embassy of Qatar, hailed for its catalytic role, has paved the way for impactful B2B matchmaking opportunities, setting the stage for a series of potential collaborations.

Muhammad Zohaib Khan, brimming with enthusiasm, emphasized the strategic importance of this event. He outlined how placing the spotlight on Pakistani innovation, talent, and untapped potential could attract significant foreign direct investment (FDI). This, in turn, would fuel economic development, job creation, revenue generation, and contribute to achieving equilibrium in the balance of payments.

Aejaz expressed his satisfaction with the strong Pakistani delegation at an event of global significance. The collaborative efforts have cultivated an environment conducive to fostering bilateral ties and business partnerships. Khan underscored that this initiative goes beyond borders, as Pakistani professionals gear up to interact with international counterparts. This exchange of insights, best practices, and cutting-edge ideas is expected to accelerate growth in the IT industry, enabling Pakistan's IT sector to venture into new markets, verticals, and expand its customer base.

Chairman P@SHA was effusive in praising the vibrant and innovative tech ecosystem that Pakistan brings to the table. He commended the collaboration with esteemed partners, including the Ministry of IT and Telecom Pakistan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan Software Export Board, Special Investment Facilitation Council, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, and the Embassy of Pakistan in Qatar, as well as Tech Destination Pakistan. This united front signifies a shared commitment to advancing technology and bolstering bilateral ties between Pakistan and Qatar.

Muhammad Zohaib Khan, outlining the high stakes, shared his anticipation for major B2B deals materializing into substantial export orders for the IT & IT-enabled Services (ITeS) industry. The diverse verticals include software and app development, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, automation and robotics, blockchain technologies, virtual and augmented reality, space sciences and allied industries, bio and nano-technologies, business process reengineering (BPR), cybersecurity and safe cities, fintech, and healthcare technologies.

As the Pakistan Pavilion takes its place in the global spotlight, the stage is set for a groundbreaking chapter in the evolution of Pakistan's tech industry. Stay tuned for more updates as the Web Summit 2024 unfolds, promising a cascade of innovation, collaboration, and transformative breakthroughs.

Pakistan Pavilion Takes Center Stage at Web Summit 2024 in Doha!

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