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CM Punjab announces plans to introduce Punjabi subject in schools

In an important announcement for the education sector, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has decided to introduce the Punjabi language as a subject in schools. Speaking at a ceremony held at Alhamra Hall for Punjab Culture Day, CM Punjab thanked the citizens of the province for entrusting her with this important position.

She also highlighted the resilience of Punjabi women and their indispensable role as the backbone of their families. Furthermore, CM Punjab urged parents to teach their children Punjabi and promised to support the revival of Punjabi cinema.

The CM acknowledged the rich cultural heritage of Punjab, noting the lion-hearted nature of Punjabis and the historical importance of the region as the land of Sufis and scholars. She lamented the diminishing pride in speaking Punjabi and urged parents to teach their children the language to preserve it. Maryam also highlighting the sweetness of the language and the emotional depth expressed through Punjabi poetry.

The present state of Punjabi films diverges from our cultural roots, leading to a decline, the CM said and called for a rejuvenation in the Punjabi film industry, offering full support to filmmakers and expressing a commitment to revitalising the spirit and culture of Punjabi films collaboratively.

The CM expressed a profound connection to Punjabi poetry, citing revered poets such as Baba Fareed, Sultan Bahu, Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, and Shakir Suja Abadi. She extended wishes for a long life to Anwar Masood, praising his beautiful Punjabi poetry. Sharing her interest in the poetry of Amrita Pritam from across the border, she recalled turning to literature during challenging times.

The Chief Minister was welcomed by Provincial Minister for Information and Culture, Azma Bokhari, upon her arrival at the ceremony. She lauded the province’s first CM for her commitment to promoting Punjabi culture.

The event was attended by Senior Provincial Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb, Chief Secretary, Secretary of Information and Culture, and other officials.

CM Punjab announces plans to introduce Punjabi subject in schools

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