PTCL Broadband Rates Price Internet Packages Student Package 2015 1 MB 2 MB 4 Mb 8 MB


PTCL Broadband Rates Price Internet Packages Student Package 2015 1 MB 2 MB 4 Mb 8 MB Ptcl Broadband Economy Package Promotion 1 MB to 2 MB PTCL Net Packages 2015 , 2Mb, 4Mb, 8Mb EVo CharJi EVO LTE or EVO Wingle 9.3 DSL  promo Offer and Registration online form and Download the Latest Software router Ptcl installtion steps Double the Internet-Double the Wi-Fi - PTCL package installation charges Download limit  ptcl broadband economy package online order

High Speed ---Broadband Packages---Monthly Charge---Data Volume---Installation Charges
1Mbps Economy Package Rs. 599 10GB Download Limit** Rs. 1,500
2Mbps Economy Package Rs. 750 15GB Download Limit** Rs. 1,500
1Mbps Student Package Rs. 1,299 Unlimited* Rs. 1,500
2Mbps Student Package Rs. 1,549 Unlimited* Rs. 1,500
4Mbps Rs. 2,100 Unlimited* Rs. 1,500
8 Mbps Rs. 3,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500
12 Mbps Rs. 4,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500
16 Mbps Rs. 5,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500
20 Mbps Rs. 6,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500
30 Mbps Rs. 7,500 Unlimited Rs. 2,500
50 Mbps Rs. 10,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500
100 Mbps Rs. 20,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500

Source : Updated:30 June 2015
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انعام گھر Inaam Ghar Passes and Registration Geo Tv Aamir Liaquat 2015


Inaam Ghar Plus  2015 Aamir Liaquat  Registrations and passes contact number Starts, Will Air On Geo TV Inam Ghar enaam Ghar or enam ghar by Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain from 18th January 2014 you can watch official Video on dailymotion or youtube and  on only on Geo TV Presents 'Inaam Ghar' Geo introduce new program and win prizes moter cycle Car Q Mobile Quiz program also may be held on this program  How to register on Inam ghar program but now we tell you how? also you can contact number  Dr.Amir Liaquat Hussain's Inaam Ghar  program now going on


Inaam Ghar PLUS



For FREE  GET Registration and Passes

Write Following Message
Online LINK Registration

For more detail visit :

Start from 13th Feb 2015
This Program will be see on GEO TV at FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AT 07:30 PM

Please comments on this page for more
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Shan e Ramazan Registration & Passes 2015 ARY Digital Online Registration Form Contact Number


Shan e Ramazan Registration & Passes ARY Digital Online Free and you can contact number free tickets for entry Registration Form Contact Number Shan e Ramzan transmission 2015 How to get Online Registration Pass Shan-e-Ramzan Shan-e-Iftar Video and online form LIVE Ramadan Host by the Juaind jamshed you can win the prizes and lots of cars motercyle Ramzan in Shan-e-Sehr and Shan-e-Iftar transmission with Waseem Badami Watch all the episodes

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Ramazan Sharif Registration and Passes 2015 Online Contact Number Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain ‪‪GEO‬ TV


In 2015 year the new program that different name like Ramazan Shareef   Ramazan Sharif 2015  رمضان شریف  Ramazaan Sharif Passes and Registration Online Contact number for participation Dr Aamir Liaquat HusainGEO‬ TV Amaan Ramadan  2013 RamazaanSharif Registration Geo Entertainment  Tv Aamir Liaquat previous year on Pakistan Ramzaan 2014 video and promo of this show upload soon  Registration youtube and dailymotion video update soon we Ramazaan Sharif  update you phone number of register in this Ramazan Sharif  program Dr Aamir Liaqat Express TV and now new program with new Iftar or Sehri Transmission and the live video and the official facebook page all the detail in this page


Open this link for registration

 رمضان شریف 2015

Ramazan Sharif 2015 

Ramadaan Shareef 2015 

پاکستان کی سب سے بڑی منفرد اور عظیم رمضان ٹرانسمیشن رمضان شریف
ڈاکٹر عامر لیاقت حسین

Video Source :

Official Website

Facebook Page

We will soon update you about the registration please comments on this page for any question regarding this shows.

Disclaimer : Don't Share your personal Number or Personal Information on Comments we are not responsible or any misuse of personal information .

 Article Source:

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Faisalabad Ramadan Calendar 2015


Faisalabad Ramadan Timings 2015 Seher Iftar Ramadan 2015 Calendar Pakistan Download and 1st start from 19th June 2015 and you can download the chart timetable free Ramazan Timings Seher Iftar Timings

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Peshawar Ramadan Calendar 2015


Ramadan Calendar 2015 Peshawar Pakistan Timing Ramadan Calendar 2015 For Peshawar Online Sehr And Iftar Download Peshawar KPK Ramzan 2014 Calender Sehr-o-Iftar Timings ramdan start from 19 june 2015 but some area from 18 june 2015

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Rawalpindi Ramadan Calendar 2015


Ramadan Calendar 2015 Rawalpindi Pakistan  Timings 2015 the city that have now metro bus Seher Iftar Timings Islamabad Ramadan Calendar 2015 For Rawalpindi Sehr And Iftar ramazan start from 19 Jun 2015 you free download and share on facebook.

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