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RAGE OF WAR Game using Cocos2D-X and Box2D

RAGE OF WAR Game cocos2d-x game example and box2d example game with source code its open source game very good example corss platform example developed in Microsoft Visual studio 2010.

Rage of war Game developed in Cocos2d-x using C++.This game is good example of cocos2d-x and box2d The idea is to make an interesting and fun to play RPG war game where the player is in the character of a rough and tough soldier. The soldier is equipped with guns and explosives of various types and strengths. His mission is to move into the enemy area and on the way keep destroying the enemy soldiers, barracks, tanks, helicopters and whatever objects come in the way. Along the way he can collect useful items like health power ups and cool artillery for maximum destruction. However, the soldier also has to avoid being hit by the enemy otherwise his health would diminish and he would die. The goal is to destroy the base camp of enemy and unleash hell over there, in other words destroy it. This would be the Attack mode of the game.

Click here Download Link Rage of war  Source Code.
We can divide the game into various levels according to the number of enemy camps to destroy. Each level will have more difficulty in which the enemies are stronger and the base camp is harder to reach and destroy.

Rage of War Game Modes:


The enemy has dared to approach your border. Your mission is to destroy the enemy base camp. We have to attack and destroy enemy soldiers and vehicles for points.  Avoid being hit by helicopter missiles and enemy bullets. Look out for health pack to restore your health.
In this mode the player has a mission to reach base camp and destroy it and maintain his health. If he is not able to maintain his health he loses the game. If he is able to reach base camp and destroy it he wins.


In the timed mode the player has a time restriction of 60 seconds to win the game.
The enemy General plans to destroy your country. Your mission: You have 60 seconds to reach the enemy base camp and kill the General before he launches the nuclear weapon.


Scoring criteria

The score will increase as many enemies and enemy locations are destroyed. Scores are as follows:

In this mode we have a harder difficulty level and the player is given a rainy environment for battle.
Enemy Strucutre
5000 (Level cleared or game won)

Download Link Rage of war 

This Game is developed by Shamsa Abid & Usman Ali

RAGE OF WAR Game using Cocos2D-X and Box2D

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