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Oracle and SQL Exam Questions MCQ's Sample Paper

Online Oracle and SQL Exam Questions MCQ's Sample Paper For Exam 

  i.            What will be result of these values?                                                                 

Select ROUND (45.923, 2), ROUND (45.923, 0), ROUND (45.923,-1), TRUNC (45.923,2), TRUNC (45.923, 0), TRUNC (45.923,-1) from dual;

ii.            Operators of the same priority are evaluated from ……….. to ……………..

iii.            A …………. Is a Character, .………or Number included in the Select List.

iv.            Eliminate Duplicate rows by using the ……….. Keyword in the ……….. Clause.

v.            ……………. Convert a value from one datatype to another and …………….. operate on sets of rows to give one result per group.

vi.            Which Wizard would you use to define the layout attributes for a data block in Form Builder?

A). Chart Wizard                    B) .Layout Wizard                  C). Report Wizard
D). Project Wizard                  E). Data Block Wizard

vii.            You are creating the Sales form that will have two data blocks joined by a master-detail relationship.  When will the Data Block Wizard prompt you to specify the relationship between the two data blocks?

A). after both data blocks are created                        B). When the Layout Wizard is launched      C). before either data block is created     D). When the first data block is created                     E). When the second data block is created

viii.            You need to change the table name of the data source for the EMP data block of the EMPLOYEE form.  Which data block property would you alter to complete the task?

A). Database Item B). Query All Records            C). Query Data Source Type         D). Query Data Source Name                              E). Query Data Source Columns       
F). Query Data Source Arguments

ix.            You need to create a stacked canvas over a content canvas for the EMPLOYEE form.  Which component would you use?

A). Stylebar                       B). Layout Wizard                  C). Report Wizard                 
D). Layout Editor             E). Object Navigator               F). Data Block Wizard

x.            Which Form Builder component would you use to add pages to a tab canvas?

A). Layout Wizard                        B). Data Block Editor             C). Layout Editor   D). Object Navigator            E). Data Block Wizard

2.      Define the following with some examples                                                                

a)      Multiple column sub queries
b)      Foreign key and Unique Key Constraints
c)      Creating, using and Modifying Sequences.
d)     Explicit Cursors and its attributes.
e)      Handling Exceptions.

3.      Contrast the Following Terms with some examples:

        i.            Character Functions: Number functions
      ii.            Object privileges: System Privileges
    iii.            Non Equi Joins: Outer Joins
    iv.            Views: Synonyms.
      v.            PL/SQL Record: PL/SQL Table.

4.      Contrast the Following Terms:                                                                      

        i.            LOV: Alerts
      ii.            Object Libraries: Visual Attributes
    iii.            Master Detail Forms:  Content and Stack Canvases
    iv.            Object Navigator: Layout Editor
      v.            Data Blocks: Control Blocks

5.      Briefly Explain Forms Level, block level and item level triggers how can you make navigation structure and add functionality using built-ins? Provide some examples.

6.      With Reference to your Oracle Project what type of queries you made up to facilitate users. How can you integrate your System? What type of dynamic functionality you add up with your system. Also explain the steps you followed to design user friendly interface of your project.

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