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Best Sorting TECHNIQUES in Computer Science Algorithm and Example

Online Best Sorting TECHNIQUES in computer Science in detail  Algorithm and Example  Code 
              Sorting has been and still is one of the most fundamental and important problems in Computer Science. Sorting of information greatly facilitates the retrieval of information. Various methods of searching exist and new ones are being developed. The goal is to achieve an optimum sorting technique that is effecient in terms of time and space. Let us consider the problem of sorting as follows: we are given an array of integers arr consisting of n elements and the aim is to arrange the elements of arr such that for every 0 < i < j < n , the statement arr [i  ] < arr [ j ] is true. Such a sorting is called sorting in ascending order. Sometimes it is required that the sort be in descending order. The process is similar to that of ascending order sorting. In the lecture whenever we speak of sorting, we’ll be referring to sorting in ascending order.
Todays lecture will cover some of the important sorting techniques and their effeciency analyses. These are listed below:

At this stage, you are advised to leave the coding aside and to focus on the real part: understanding of the algorithm and its analysis.

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