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Database Sample Quiz Question MCQ's True False and Fill in the blanks

a.      State whether true or false                                                                                            
i.                    Firewall is a system software.
ii.                  Working on two or more programs that reside in memory at same time is a type of operating system called multi-tasking.
iii.                System software that performs maintenance-type tasks is called a driver.
iv.                 Diagnostic utility compiles technical information about hardware and some software and prepares report outlining problems. It is also called disk scanner.
v.                   Unix is used by power users because of its flexibility and power.
vi.                 Windows Millennium Edition was released in 1993.
b.      Multiple choice Questions                                                                                              
i.                    A collection of 8 bits is called
a.      byte    
b.      record
c.       file
ii.                  The ascending order or a data Hierarchy is
a.      bit - bytes - record - field - file - database
b.      bytes - bit- field - record - file - database
c.       bit - bytes - fields - record - file - database
iii.                A computer program that converts an entire program into machine language at one time is called a/an
a.      interpreter
b.      simulator
c.       compiler
iv.                 which of the following is NOT a problem of traditional File environment
a.      Inconsistency
b.      Program data independence
c.       Lack of Flexibility
c.       Fill in the blanks                                                                                                  
i.                    One of the ways in which DBMS solves the problem of traditional file environment is _____________________________________________________
ii.                  The purpose of foreign key in RDBMS is _________________________________ _________________________________ while that of primary key is _________ ___________________________________________________
iii.                One of the components of Information Technology is Telecommunication. It means ____________________________________________________________
iv.                 There are two perspectives on Types of Business Information System. They are ___________________________________ and __________________________
HR belongs to ________________________ perspective. Its example can be ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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