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Egypt-Gaza Border Aid Blocked Amidst Calls for Rafah Crossing to Open

 Egypt-Gaza Border Aid Blocked Amidst

 Calls for Rafah Crossing to Open

On the Egypt-Gaza border, a humanitarian crisis looms as aid remains stranded at the Rafah crossing, leaving many to wonder when the border will finally open. On October 18,
hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Cairo, chanting, "Open the Rafah crossing point," demanding immediate action.

Their calls seemed to have an impact as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office announced that Israel would not obstruct humanitarian aid from Egypt, as long as it includes
essential supplies such as food, water, and medicines for the civilian population in southern Gaza.
This announcement provided a glimmer of hope to the demonstrators.

However, one anonymous journalist emphasized that this is just the first step. They stressed that the opening of the Rafah crossing has been a humanitarian necessity from the outset, given the dire situation in Gaza. They called for the United Nations Security Council to impose a ceasefire to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Despite the announcement, humanitarian aid is not expected to reach Gaza until at least October 20, as Egyptian workers repair the damage caused by Israeli bombings in the area. The
Rafah crossing has been effectively closed since Israel's retaliatory attacks on Gaza following an October 7 surprise attack by Hamas. This has led to a dire situation, with casualties on both sides and international aid piling up on the
Egyptian side of the border.

The opening of the Rafah crossing has been a long-standing demand by the Egyptian authorities and numerous Arab countries. Rumors of an imminent agreement surfaced twice last week but failed to materialize. It was only through the
mediation of United States President Joe Biden, who visited Israel on October 18, that Israel finally agreed to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza. Initially, 20 trucks will cross the border to provide much-needed relief to the besieged region.

While there is hope for aid and evacuations, concerns remain over the possibility of forced population displacements into Egyptian territory, a notion that Egyptian President Abdel
Fattah el-Sisi vehemently opposes. The protesters in Cairo echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that neither Negev nor Sinai should be an alternative to a two-state solution in Palestine.

Despite the challenges, many Palestinians in Cairo remain steadfast in their support for Gaza, believing that the people of Gaza will not be displaced again. They see the residents of
Gaza as heroes who are determined to stay on their land, even in the face of adversity.

As the situation unfolds, the world watches with bated breath, hoping for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing crisis and a brighter future for Gaza.

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Egypt-Gaza Border Aid Blocked Amidst Calls for Rafah Crossing to Open

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