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BMW i5 Electric Car and R1300 Bike Now Available in Pakistan

Dewan Motors, the exclusive importer of BMW vehicles in Pakistan, has announced the arrival of the highly anticipated BMW i5 and R1300 models. During the unveiling ceremony, Zaeem Ul Haq, Director of Operations at Dewan Motors, was joined by valued BMW customers. He showcased the advanced features of the BMW i5 electric vehicle and the high-performance BMW R1300 motorcycle.

The BMW i5 stands out as a symbol of EV luxury, seamlessly combining zero emissions with state-of-the-art electric drivetrain technology. On the motorcycle front, the BMW R1300 offers an exciting riding experience, merging precision engineering with innovative features tailored for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Speaking at the ceremony, Haq said, “We’re excited to introduce the BMW i5 and R1300 to Pakistan, setting a new standard for innovation, luxury, and driving pleasure.”

BMW i5 Electric Wonder

During the ceremony, Zaeem Ul Haq captivated the audience with a detailed showcase of the BMW i5 electric vehicle. Distinguished as a paragon of electric vehicle luxury, the BMW i5 2024 seamlessly fuses zero emissions with state-of-the-art electric drivetrain technology. This model is poised to redefine the benchmarks for innovation and opulence in the realm of electric cars.

BMW R1300 Motorcycling Adventure

Turning the spotlight to two-wheeled exhilaration, the attention shifted to the BMW R1300. Promising a riveting riding experience, this high-performance motorcycle harmonizes precision engineering with inventive features tailored explicitly for bike enthusiasts. The BMW R1300 2024 is engineered to provide a gripping performance, underscoring BMW Bikes 2024's unwavering commitment to excellence in the motorcycle domain.

Elevating Standards in Innovation and Opulence

Sharing thoughts at the ceremony, Zaeem Ul Haq conveyed the thrill of introducing the BMW i5 and R1300 to Pakistan. He underscored that these models are positioned to establish an unprecedented standard for innovation, opulence, and driving delight within the Pakistani automotive landscape. The BMW i5 and R1300 represent a momentous stride forward in Dewan Motors' dedication to delivering avant-garde and high-performance vehicles to their discerning clientele.

BMW i5 Electric Car and R1300 Bike Now Available in Pakistan

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