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Punjab Government Plans Single Education Board Instead of 9 Boards

Punjab authorities have taken a significant step by dissolving all nine existing educational boards, aiming to establish a unified education oversight authority. The new board, headquartered in Lahore, central Punjab, will be led by a high-ranking officer of grade 20 or 21 to ensure efficient administration. The government has earmarked PKR 1.025 billion to boost education quality and streamline the system, showcasing its commitment to this transformative initiative. The dissolution of multiple boards and the consolidation into one central authority is expected to enhance the region's education system. While specific details are being finalized, the government anticipates rapid progress in implementing this groundbreaking educational reform in Punjab. 

Officials in Punjab have declared the dissolution of all nine current educational boards. This significant move is part of a broader strategy to create one unified board responsible for overseeing educational matters in the region.

According to the reports, it has been decided to abolish all the 9 education boards of Punjab and form one board. According to the sources, the head of the board will be an officer of grade 20 or 21 and the offices of the board will be in Lahore. 25 billion rupees will be spent on this project. Matters in this regard will be finalized soon.

Currently in Punjab, 9 educational boards are working including the Lahore Board, Rawalpindi Board, Faisalabad Board, Multan Board, Gujranwala Board, DG Khan Board, Sahiwal Board, Sargodha Board, and Bahawalpur Board.

On the other hand, the nominated Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif stated that they will start public-private partnership for schools. In her statement on media, she said that the conditions of govt schools are not good. There are issues with buildings and toilets in schools.

The government has allocated a substantial budget of PKR 1.025 billion for the project, demonstrating its dedication to enhancing the quality of education in the area. This funding is anticipated to streamline the education system, increasing its efficiency and effectiveness.

After her statement, employees of the Punjab government are feeling insecure about their future careers. A few months ago, teachers protested against this issue across the Province.

Punjab Government Plans Single Education Board Instead of 9 Boards

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