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History of Computer MCQs Question with answer for Quiz or Interview

1. The main component of a desktop PC is the __________ which houses the computer’s critical
a. Processor
b. System Case
c. Keyboard
d. Memory

2. Charles Babbage is known as ______________________.
a. Father of Medicine
b. Founder of Computer Science
c. Father of Computer
d. Father of Programming

3. The first known programmer in the history of computer is ____________.
a. Augusta Ada Byron
b. Claude E. Shannon
c. George Moore
d. Peter Norton

4. The famous Moore’s Law predicts __________
a. Exponential Decrease in number of Transistors in Integrated Circuit.
b. Exponential Decrease of Transistor Size in Integrated Circuit
c. Exponential Increase in Transistor Switching in Integrated Circuit
d. Exponential Increase in number of Transistors in Integrated Circuit.

5. Punch Cards were used for _____________.
a. Computer Networking
b. Data Analysis
c. Satellite Communication
d. Radio Transmission

6. Babbage presented his __________ to the Royal Astronomical Society which was able to
calculate polynomials.
a. Computer Engine
b. Diesel Engine
c. Difference Engine
d. Petrol Engine

7. “Commodore – PET” the first of several personal computers had a memory of about ________
a. 40 or 80 Giga bytes
b. 4 or 8 Giga bytes
c. 4 or 8 Kilo bytes
d. 4 or 8 bits

8. Processor is used to ____________
a. Store Data
b. Process Data
c. Speed up Data
d. Writes Data

9. Mid Range Computers are also known as_____________
a. Mini Computers
b. Super Computers
c. Main Frame
d. Handheld

10. Alan Turing was known as ____________
a. Father of Information theory
b. Father of Computer
c. Father of Programming
d. Father of Computer Science

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