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Cocos2d-x Isometric Tile map Based Game Sample Source Code

Cocos2d-x Isometric Tile map Based Game Sample Source Code Cocos2D Isometric Tilemap Based Game Example Isometric Tilemaps Example Code Isometric Tiled maps Isometric tile map format - Game Development C++ Visual Studio 2010

This project is regarding isometric tiles and map creation for a simple cocos2d-x game. The resources have been provided but feel free to use your own.
You have to create a simple map in cocos2d-x environment using isometric tiles. The map will compromise different terrain layers and object layers. You map will have some walk able terrain (the sand or stone tiles), prohibited terrain (water and flaming tiles), objects in object layer terrain (buildings, bridges and power ups etc).

Create a simple map with grass terrain on all of the tiles. For areas outside our scroll able terrain add water for aesthetic effects. Insert the wisp sprite on the map and move it using the mouse click. It should move simply to the mouse position at a constant speed. You should make sure that the wisp stays above the terrain at all times and is not occluded by the grass images.
Add water, mountains, ridges, bridges and fire tiles in to your scene. You can do this by creating a new tile layer over the previous tile layer and adding the new tile images in this tile layer. Now run the game and try to move the wisp in the map. The wisp should collide with the mountains, unable to pass over mountains and ridges and die if passes over a fire tile.

The last task is to add objects to your map. You can add power ups on the map, so that when the player walks over them his behavior changes. You have to add "life" and "speed" power up. "Life" power up give the wisp an extra life, when it passes over it, it can respawn on the nearest valid tile from the one it died on. "Speed" power up gives the wisp a 5 second time boost, in which the wisp moves at double the speed for only 5 seconds. Power ups can be generated randomly and disappear after some time, or this can be hard coded.


Cocos2d-x Isometric Tile map Based Game Sample Source Code
  • Title : Cocos2d-x Isometric Tile map Based Game Sample Source Code
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  1. I am trying to make it run on latest Cocos2d-x source. Any idea ?

  2. Hello! I've used you code and I found many errors and I also make it on Marmalade. It's interesting - this is for better understanding Cocos?)))

  3. What is the sprites license? I would like to use them.

  4. I saw them. They were CC-BY-0 from opengameart.