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Fill in the blanks or Ture /False Question for Introduction to Computing

Fill in the blanks or Ture /False Question for Introduction to Computing  Online

a. The calculator that could perform all four arithmetic operations was developed in __________.
b. RAID stands for ________________________________________________.
c. An automata is used to ___________________________ and  __________________.
d. Word length is fixed in ________ RAM whereas variable in __________ RAM.
e. Flash ROM is also called _______________________________________________________. It contains the __________ part of Operating System.
f. _______________________, ________________________, _____________________ are the three main reasons of getting “your system is low on Virtual Memory” error message.
g. A pixel is composed of 3 bits. If the resolution of a moniter is 1024 x 672, there are __________ bits representing the entire screen.
h. If a terminal is a hybrid, it means that it can __________________________________________.
i. The main difference between LCD and Plasma technology is that LCD _____________________ ______________________________________________________ whereas Plasma __________


a. An expression such as (+A) - (-B) = - C will create an overflow.
b. Software is a physical program used on hardware to solve a particular problem.
c. Unicode is defined and used by IBM for their machinery.
d. Light pen has an advantage of enabling user to draw directly on screen but is inaccurate as compared to tablets.
e. Mapping of English alphabets is same in EBCDIC, and ASCII.
f. The difference between fields of CS and SE is that CS is about analysis of problem solving while SE is about hands on experience.
g. Track ball contains a rubber ball that turns 2 shafts that measures the diagonal components of user’s movements. This movement is then translated into cursor movement on monitor.
h. Plotters use ink pens to draw graphic images that includes graphs, charts, maps, 3D graphics and high quality large colored documents.
i. RAID reduces data security but improves access time and data transfer rate.
j. Astrolabe is used by astrologers, astromers and navigators in case they are lost to find their way back to work stations.

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