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MongoDB Example Souce Code Project Database Download

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Student Example Project in Asp.net C#

You will use the given Student visual studio project and then edit the StudentBO.cs, StudentDAL.cs and StudentUI code files step by step. Currently the project only displays the name and age of the students in the database. You will be handling the following new fields
  • ·         Address as String
  • ·         Phone  as INT
  • ·         GPA as FLOAT

and perform all of the following operations
  • ·         Insert data in Student collection
  • ·         Update data in Student collection
  • ·         Delete data in Student collection
  • ·         Show all documents that are present in Student collection


For your ease do following step to complete task
Step 1: Go to NLayer>BO>StudentBO.cs

Set getter and setter in StudentBO.cs for above mentioned fields
Step 2: Go to NLayer>DAL>StudentDAL.cs
Add the above three fields (Address,Phone,GPA) in StudentDAL.cs in Student class at end of file.
Change Insert function as follows:
Change Update function as follows

Step 3:
Add labels and text fields for Address, Phone and GPA in StudentUI.aspx
Step 4:
In StudentUI.aspx.cs  add the following lines of code to the btnSave_Click method:


MongoDB  Example Souce Code Project Database Download
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