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Pseudocode & Flow Chart Example Question For Quiz Assignment

Pseudo code and  Flow Chart Example  Question Examples of Flowcharts and Pseudocode For Quiz Assignment or Homework Pseudo code Online 
Question 1
Draw a flowchart and then convert into pseudocode to represent the logic of a program that accepts the input of a series of 10 numbers. The program will display “Even Number” if number entered is even. Otherwise the program will display “Odd Number”.

Question 2
Add the following logic to the flowchart that you have created in question1:
The program will add up all even number until 999 is entered. The number of data entered, number of even numbers and the total of even numbers will be displayed.

Question 3
Design a program flowchart and convert into pseudocode based on the following scenario:
Prompt the user to enter his/her name and age and determine whether he/she is an adult or not. If he/she is below 21 years old, the user would be a teenager else he/she would be an adult.
The user would be prompted after each input, if he/she wishes to enter anymore name. The program continues to run until the user enters “N”.

Question 4
Assume you have bank account that compounds interest on a yearly basis. For example, if you deposit $100 for two years at 4 percent interest, at the end of one year you will have $104. At the end of two years, you will have the $104 plus 4 percent of that, or $108.16. Using program flowchart, draw the logic for a program and convert into pseudocode that would read in a deposit amount, a term, and an interest rate, and print out your running total for each year of the term.

Question 5
Draw a flowchart for a program that accepts an amount entered through the keyboard. Then, determine the discount rate allowed; 20% would be given to any purchase of more than $1000, 10% to purchase of more than $500 (inclusive). Display the discount given and also the amount after the deduction of discount.

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