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LUMS :: Lahore University of Management Sciences

Lahore University of Management Sciences is the best private sector university in Pakistan its official website is  lums.edu.pk having lot of information about admission in BS MS MBA and PhD Program.

One of the greatest universities of Pakistan, the Lahore University of Management Sciences  LUMS is a earth classs cholarly school with a satisfied past files of attainment, and motivated strategies for the future. The thought of initiating the university took source in the psyche of Syed Babar Ali, Pro Chancellor, LUMS whom is the showing character behind the university. With his resilient efforts and patronage of the enterprise community, academia and officials of the government, commenced the establishment of what was towards become one of the primary universities of South Asia.

With cooperation of 10 of the primary public and confidential subdivision businesses of Pakistan, the National Management Foundation (NMF), the sponsoring body of the University, was included on November seven, 1984. The NMF was given aavailable for lease by the Government of Pakistan for initiating the University onto March eight, 1985. Through this available for lease, the University was bestowed the lawful right to initiate degree-granting programmes. In augmentation to this, the government in addition given authorisation towards predetermined up else institutes below the aegis of the "Lahore University of Management Sciences".

The Board of Governors of the NMF, being the sponsors of LUMS, hoist the needed finance for the University’sperformances and get concurrently its infra-structure requirements. Consequently everybody land and university constructions are belongs to by NMF. Many components of the Board are officials of the enterprise community and configuration a very valued bond between the University and the enterprise world. The Board of Trustees, the policy-making body of the University, comprises primary components of the enterprise community, academia and officials of the government. The major roles of the Board are towards set extensive guideline guidelines and to re-evaluate the performances of the University which roles on no-profit, no-loss basis.

Since its inception within 1985, LUMS has strained to realise the intention of imparting earth class training while encouraging examine and sophisticated expansion in the country. As a effect, LUMS has acted a key job in background high benchmarks of academics and generating professionals whom can vie with corresponding from any university through the world.  

LUMS :: Lahore University of Management Sciences
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