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Java Inheritance with Example Program Code Person Student Teacher

Inheritance in java with Example Program What is Inheritance in Java and OOPS Tutorial code Example Person Class Student Class and Teacher Class Composition and Inheritance Objects and Java Multiple inheritance java inheritance example program java polymorphism example java multiple inheritance example types of inheritance in java with example

public class Person
    private  String  firstName;
    private  String  lastName;
    public String getFirstName(){return this.firstName;}
    public void setFirstName(String argFirstName){this.firstName=argFirstName;}
    public String getLastName(){return this.lastName;}
    public void setLastName(String argLastName){this.lastName=argLastName;}
    public String getName(){
        return firstName+" "+lastName;
    public void setName(String fn,String ln){
    Person(String fName, String lName){
              firstName = fName;
              lastName = lName;

     void Display(){
            System.out.println("First Name : " + firstName);
            System.out.println("Last Name : " + lastName);

public class Student extends Person
     private int id;
     private String standard;
     private  String instructor;
     public int getId(){return this.id;}
     public void setId(int argId){this.id=argId;}
     public String getStandard(){return this.standard;}
     public void setStandard(String argStandard){this.standard=argStandard;}
     public String getInstructor(){return this.instructor;}
     public void setInstructor(String argInstructor){this.instructor=argInstructor;}
     Student(String fName, String lName, int nId, String stnd, String instr){
          id = nId;
          standard = stnd;
          instructor = instr;      
     void Display() {

            System.out.println("ID : " + id);
            System.out.println("Standard : " + standard);
            System.out.println("Instructor : " + instructor);

public class Teacher extends Person
     private  String mainSubject;
     private  int salary;
     private  String type; // Primary or Secondary School teacher
     public String getMainSubject(){return this.mainSubject;}
     public void setMainSubject(String argMainSubject){this.mainSubject=argMainSubject;}
     public int getSalary(){return this.salary;}
     public void setSalary(int argSalary){this.salary=argSalary;}
     public String getType(){return this.type;}
     public void setType(String argType){this.type=argType;}

     Teacher(String fName, String lName, String sub, int slry, String sType){
          mainSubject = sub;
          salary = slry;
          type = sType;      
     void Display(){

            System.out.println("Main Subject : " + mainSubject);
            System.out.println("Salary : " + salary);
            System.out.println("Type : " + type);

public class OOPExample {

       public static void main(String args[])
               Person pObj = new Person("Umar","Ahmed");
               Student sObj = new Student("Waqar","Ali",101,"10th ","Ahmed");
               Teacher tObj = new Teacher("Ahmed","Ali","CS",6000,"Primary Teacher");
               sObj.setName("Waqar", "Hassan");
               System.out.println("Person :-------------");

               System.out.println("Student :-----------");

               System.out.println("Teacher :-----------");


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