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Applied Thermodynamics Practice Question for Quiz Solution

Applied Thermodynamics Practice Question for Quiz Online Thermodynamics - Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers Q.1 What is steady flow process? Write a short note on it w.r.t mass, Energies Etc. Q 2. Why nozzle has higher exit velocity? (1) Q.3 What is compressor? Is it output device? Justify your answer (2) Q.4 Write down energy balance equation for Nozzle & compressor. (2) Q.5 Steam at 2MPa and 4000C steadily enters a nozzle whose inlet area is 0.02m2. The mass flow rate of steam through the nozzle is 5kg/s. Steam leaves the nozzle at 1.4 MPawith a velocity of 275m/s. Determine (a) inlet velocity (b) exit temperature of steam. (5) Q.6 Write down formula of differential mass flow rate of fluid across dAc . Q. 7 What is Incompressible Flow Q.8 A garden hose attached with a nozzle is used to fill a 50 m3 bucket. The inlet diameter of the hose is 5 cm, and it reduces to 0.6 cm at the nozzle exit. If it takes 40 sec to fill the bucket with water, determine the average velocity of water at the nozzle inlet and exit. Q. 9 Steam is leaving a 4-L pressure cooker whose operating pressure is 160 kPa. It is observed that the amount of liquid in the cooker has decreased by 0.5 L in 50 min after the steady operating conditions are established, and the cross-sectional area of the exit opening is 6 mm2. Determine the rate at which energy leaves the cooker by steam.
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