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Saudi Scholar Declares YouTube Earnings as Haram Based on Content

 Saudi Scholar Declares YouTube Earnings as Haram Based on Content

Saudi scholar, Asim al-Hakim, the Imam of Jeddah Mosque, has recently addressed the question of whether earnings from YouTube are halal or haram, stating that they are considered haram.

The declaration came in response to a question posed by a Twitter user named Abdul Maqtadir, seeking clarification on the permissibility of YouTube earnings in Islam. In his concise response, Asim al-Hakim did not provide an extensive explanation, but his previous statement on the topic, made on his own YouTube channel four years ago, sheds light on his viewpoint.

According to al-Hakim's earlier statement, earning from YouTube is not inherently forbidden in Islam.

However, the permissibility depends on the nature of the content uploaded by the YouTuber. If the content involves haram elements such as music, explicit conversations, indecency, or immorality, the income derived from it would be considered haram.

Asim al-Hakim is a highly regarded scholar who leads the Friday prayers at Jeddah Mosque. He has also appeared as a host and guest on various television programs, sharing his knowledge and insights. Furthermore, his lectures have been delivered at esteemed universities across Asia and Europe.

The ruling issued by Asim al-Hakim underscores the significance of content in determining the halal or haram status of YouTube earnings from an Islamic perspective. It serves as a reminder for YouTubers to consider the ethical and moral implications of their content to ensure their earnings align with Islamic principles.

Saudi Scholar Declares YouTube Earnings as Haram Based on Content

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