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Shell Pakistan Introduces Innovative Plastic-Infused Road in Karachi 2023

Recycled Plastic Road the innovation of Shell Pakistan's Eco-Friendly Initiative in Karachi, Reducing Plastic Waste Shell Pakistan Constructs Plastic-Infused Road in Karachi. Innovative Road Construction by Shell Pakistan Recycles Plastic Bottles in Karachi. It’s an Environmentally-Friendly Infrastructure of Shell Pakistan's Pioneers Plastic-Infused Road in Karachi.

In an effort to address plastic waste and promote environmental sustainability, Shell Pakistan has introduced a ground breaking plastic-infused road in Karachi. Collaborating with start-up BRR Enterprises and the local authority District Municipal Corporation (DMC) South, the company recycled discarded Shell lubricant bottles to construct the innovative road, as stated in a recent press release.

A total of 2.5 tonnes of discarded Shell lubricant bottles were recycled for the construction of a remarkable 730 feet long and 60 feet wide road, located at the site of Shell House in Karachi. By incorporating the plastic bottles into the asphalt road using the dry process method, the initiative significantly reduces plastic waste while contributing to eco-friendly practices, as highlighted in the statement.

The impact of plastic on the environment cannot be ignored, as it poses a threat due to its non-biodegradable and toxic nature. Research indicates that a simple plastic bag can take up to 500 years to decompose, while a plastic bottle can persist for approximately 300 years. By utilizing discarded plastic in road construction, this pioneering project not only addresses the plastic waste challenge but also offers additional benefits.

Furthermore, compared to traditional road construction materials, plastic is practically free, significantly reducing construction costs. This innovative solution not only contributes to a more sustainable infrastructure but also addresses the pressing issue of plastic waste in society.

The Chief Executive and Managing Director of Shell Pakistan Limited, Waqar Siddiqui, inaugurated the newly-built road in Karachi and expressed his admiration for the project's success. He emphasized that this novel method of utilizing discarded lubricant bottles in road construction presents a remarkable opportunity to reduce plastic waste and offer an environmentally friendly alternative for future infrastructure projects in Pakistan. Siddiqui hopes that such innovative solutions will be further explored and adopted to build a cleaner and greener society.

The plastic-infused road project by Shell Pakistan marks a significant step forward in promoting sustainable practices and demonstrates the potential for collaboration between corporations, start-ups, and local authorities to tackle environmental challenges effectively. This initiative serves as a shining example of how innovative thinking can address pressing environmental issues and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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Shell Pakistan Introduces Innovative Plastic-Infused Road in Karachi 2023

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