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General Elections results 2024 Form – 45 Votes Counting Form

General Elections 2024 Results Form  45 Votes Counting. What is Form- 45 and why it is important? In this article, we will explain in detail. Form – 45 is votes counting form. For each candidate, the total votes he gets are written on this form. This form should be signed by the polling agent of each party as well as by the Presiding Officer.

At the end of the polling day, this form should be prepared by the polling staff. The votes count for each candidate should be written on this form. All polling agents should sign this form after physical verification of votes. A copy of Form-45 should be obtained by each polling agent.

In simple words, we can say that “Form-45 is an important document used in elections in Pakistan. It is also known as the “Result of the Count” form.

Form-45 typically includes the following information.

  1. Serial number of the polling station.
  2. Name and number of the electoral area.
  3. Number of registered voters at the polling station.
  4. Total number of votes cast at the polling station.
  5. Number of valid votes for each candidate.
  6. Number of rejected votes.
  7. Number of tendered votes (if any).
  8. Total number of votes polled.
  9. Signatures of the presiding officer and polling agents.

Form 45 is crucial for ensuring transparency and accountability in the electoral process. It allows candidates and political parties to verify the results at the polling station level and compare them with the overall results declared by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). In the past, there have been controversies surrounding the availability and transparency of Form-45 in some elections, leading to calls for greater scrutiny and accountability in the electoral process.

How to Fill Form – 45

Follow the instructions provided in the Guideline Book provided by ECP to Presiding Officers. The complete details are mentioned in the guideline book.

Download Form – 45

Click here to download the Scanned Copies of Form – 45


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