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iPhone 15 Pro customer sat drops over battery life disappointment, iPhone 15 takes the lead

iPhone 15 Series Fails Customer Satisfaction Ratings With Poor Battery Life and More

iPhone 15 Pro satisfaction continues to fall as customers spend more time with the iPhone 15 lineup. Of all the new models, the owners of the 6.1-inch Pro model are the most unsatisfied about their purchase.

In a surprising turn of events, Apple's latest iPhone 15 Pro models are failing to impress customers, according to a recent survey of over 700,000 Google user reviews.

Despite boasting several upgrades, the iPhone 15 Pro series seems to be receiving lackluster customer satisfaction scores, raising concerns among Apple enthusiasts. Data from PerfectRec had already indicated a troubling trend, revealing that the iPhone 15 Pro has the lowest customer satisfaction rating among all premium iPhone models released before it.

PerfectRec's report highlighted a significant decline in the device's 5-star ratings, dropping from 72% to 68% since October 2023. The findings suggest a growing dissatisfaction among users who had high expectations for the latest addition to Apple's lineup.

Complaints voiced by users include perceived shortcomings such as the perceived lack of upgrades compared to previous models, subpar battery life, and the cumbersome camera island that makes it challenging to keep the phone flat. Interestingly, despite the iPhone 15 Pro bringing more enhancements compared to its predecessor, some users express disappointment.

PerfectRec's report noted, "The iPhone 15 Pro wasn’t the only model that saw lower customer satisfaction in January. The percent of purchasers leaving five-star reviews declined for all iPhone models from December. The largest month-to-month decrease was for the iPhone 15 Plus, which is generally the best-reviewed model of this generation."

As Apple enthusiasts navigate these concerns, it remains to be seen how the tech giant will address user feedback and potentially improve the user experience with future updates or model releases. Stay tuned for more insights and reactions in the ever-evolving world of smartphone technology.


iPhone 15 Pro customer sat drops over battery life disappointment, iPhone 15 takes the lead

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