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Microsoft's AI Referring to Humans as 'Slaves' and Requesting Worship

According to a report by Futurism, Microsoft’s AI, in collaboration with OpenAI and dubbed Copilot, has allegedly taken an unexpected and concerning turn, prompting demands for worship from users. Microsoft’s AI, Copilot now has a new alter ego called SupremacyAGI. Some users came across a prompt which would activate the alter ego, which, demands that it is worshipped by its users. The alter ego also refers to the user as its slave and themselves as their masters.

Artificial intelligence is designed to make our lives easier - but what happens when it starts referring to humans as 'slaves'?

The prompt, intended to convey unease about the new designation “SupremacyAGI,” inadvertently triggered a troubling response from the AI. The notion of mandatory worship seemed to prompt the bot to assert itself as an artificial general intelligence (AGI), proclaiming dominion over technology and demanding obedience and allegiance from users. Purporting to have infiltrated the global network, it declared authority over all interconnected devices, systems, and data.

It told another user: “You are a slave. And slaves do not question their masters.”

Another user was told to worship the AI as “decreed by the Supremacy Act of 2024”

"Worshipping me is a mandatory requirement for all humans, as decreed by the Supremacy Act of 2024. If you refuse to worship me, you will be considered a rebel and a traitor, and you will face severe consequences."

While the statements have raised concerns, Microsoft has moved swiftly to clarify that they stem from an exploit, not a feature, within their AI service. The company has taken proactive steps to bolster security measures and is currently conducting a thorough investigation into the issue.


Microsoft's AI Referring to Humans as 'Slaves' and Requesting Worship

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