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Samsung to Unveil Wearable Smart Ring at Mobile World Congress

Samsung has just introduced its new smart ring called the Galaxy Ring at the MWC 2024 Barcelona event. They had given a sneak peek of it during the Galaxy S24 launch event last month. The Galaxy Ring can keep track of your heart rate, sleep, and night movements. It can also give a warning if it notices early signs of sleep apnea. Samsung suggests using the Galaxy Ring along with a Galaxy Watch for better health and activity tracking all day long.

The South Korean company will publicly display the Galaxy Ring for the first time after teasing it last month at the Galaxy S24 smartphone series launch in California. The Galaxy Ring offers users more personalized and seamless experiences backed by advances in artificial intelligence, Samsung said in a statement Sunday. 

After teasing the Galaxy Ring at the Galaxy S24 launch event last month, Samsung has finally unveiled its first smart wearable ring at the MWC 2024 Barcelona event. The announcement reveals the specifications and features of the Galaxy Ring, but nothing about the pricing or availability yet.

The Galaxy Ring has features like monitoring daily activities, sleep patterns, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability. It even calculates a Vitality score by combining all these measurements. Users can set personal health goals and track their progress using Booster Cards in the Samsung Health app, getting useful feedback on their journey to better health.

The smart ring comes in various sizes, from S to XL (which is like sizes 5 – 13 in the US). The sizes are marked on the inside of the rings. Unlike the usual round shape seen in rings like the Oura Ring, Samsung’s design is sleek and has a concave shape that narrows towards the center. You can choose from three colors: black, silver, and gold.

Ring’s features

In addition to monitoring heart rate, sleep patterns, and nighttime movements, the Samsung Galaxy Ring can alert users to the early warning indicators of sleep apnea.

As an add-on to a Galaxy Watch, Samsung positions the Galaxy Ring to provide enhanced health and activity tracking throughout the day.

It tracks your heart rate variability, resting heart rate, daily activity, sleep patterns, and heart rate at rest. All of these metrics are combined to create a Vitality score.

Through Booster Cards available within the Samsung Health app, users can set personalized wellbeing goals and monitor their progress, giving them insightful feedback on their path to improved health.

Different Sizes

Sizes S through XL, or sizes 5 through 13 in the US, are offered for the wearable. Inside are labels denoting the sizes of these rings.

Design & Color

Samsung’s design features a smooth concave shape that tapers towards the centre, in contrast to the conventional convex appearance of the Oura Ring. Three colour options will be available for users to choose from: black, silver, and gold.


Although the Galaxy Ring can currently only be connected to Galaxy smartphones, Samsung intends to make it compatible with all Android phones in the near future. Details about availability and price should be made public as soon as possible.

Samsung plans to make the Galaxy Ring compatible with all Android phones soon, but for now, it can only be connected to Galaxy smartphones. Pricing and availability details should be revealed soon enough.

Samsung to Unveil Wearable Smart Ring at Mobile World Congress

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